Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Monster Cereals, Part 2: The Return of the Yummy Mummy and the Fruit Brute

So, just to spite me for telling you guys that they were both discontinued, the Yummy Mummy and the Fruit Brute have been brought back. But they're not the same, my friends, not the same at all...

The Fruit Brute is no longer a general fruity flavor, but cherry. It makes sense, since he's hairy. Hairy rhymes with cherry...let's just be happy they didn't change the name of his cereal, or it wouldn't stick around for much longer. But don't get me wrong, I enjoyed fruit brute. The great thing about all of the monster cereals is their resistance to sogginess, while still absorbing enough milk to get cool and refreshing.

Yummy Mummy is the one that really threw me for a loop. It tasted like Frankenberry, though much weaker...but then the after-taste hit me, which was really strange. I don't think I've ever had cereal with an aftertaste. It was like pineapple or a fruit roll-up.

It was good, actually. But the back comic kind of threw me off. He said his spoon was dusty. You would think Yummy Mummy, of all the monsters, would have been chowing down on his cereal for years and laughing at all of us foolish humans, satisfying our taste buds with 3 mere flavors, but never quite knowing the joy of a really Yummy Mummy.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Vintage Comics: This Magazine is Haunted - Stand-In For Death & Doctor MacReady's Little Men (16-26)

I love classic horror comics, I also love finishing what I've started. Continuing the issue I began to upload, this is yet another installment of a charming vintage comic. This one takes us on a journey on the consequences of taking what isn't yours, because you might get more than you expected. The next one is a short little story about a man who should have done his background research on his doctor before going through an 'experimental' treatment.