Saturday, October 20, 2018

Vintage Comics - Black Magic, Issue #2: The Cloak, Out of Your Mind (Pg. 18 - 26)

I get the impression this first story might have been influenced by a disgruntled tailor with a fussy customer. People, for the last time, if you turn around and find a store or building that you knew wasn't there the last time you looked--and there's an eery fog surrounding it, complete with appropriately perched blackbirds and wind chimes--do not go in, and do not buy anything. Or at least don't accept packages from mysterious gentlemen with sinister smiles.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Episode 41 - The Halloween Spook-Tacular, Part 3

In this episode, we discuss parts 5 and 6, in which Donald Pleasence plays his final roles in the Halloween series, and Michael gets multiple make-overs. But first, Maddy and Corey discuss the latest horror pack and do a dramatic re-enactment of a questionable fan fiction crossover.

Check out this episode!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Drive-In Trailers: Slash and Trash

With the Halloween-crazy trend this month, I decided it might be time to tackle slasher movie trailers. What better way to pay tribute to the movie that started it all than to look at some of the many, many, many great and campy movies it inspired? Okay, I admit the Sledgehammer clip isn't a trailer, but it would be a crime against humanity NOT to share at least a small clip of the 'masterpiece' that it was.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A Tribute to Robert Z'Dar

I don't think there is any actor with a more distinctive face than the late Robert Z'Dar. My first recollection of him wasn't his melodramatic bit role in Tango and Cash, nor was it his most famous part of all as the titular character of Maniac Cop. It wasn't even the super villain samurai in Samurai Cop (huh, just noticed a theme there.) It was an oddly-voiced side character in the MST3K take on Soultaker. Other than the forgotten Estevez (Joe), Robert just stood out. He always did. No matter the size of the role.

Robert J. Zdarsky acted in 121 films before his unfortunate and sudden passing at the age of 64 from cardiac arrest shortly before he was supposed to appear at Pensacon, a multi-genre convention in Pensacola, Florida. He was a man of many faces (especially the large-chinned variety), a college football player, a musician (singer/keyboardist/guitarist), a Chippendales dancer, a police officer, and most importantly--an actor.

He took his genetic condition (cherubism) and used it to his advantage. It didn't hold him back in the least as a character actor, and in fact added something really fun to his roles. Robert could never be mistaken for the good guy or the typical henchman (even when he was), and he had such a fantastic voice. He fought and beat throat cancer, which changed his voice irreversibly, but there was still something about his delivery despite this when he spoke, and his enthusiasm in his interviews was truly charming. I haven't found even one negative comment about Robert as a person, and I'm pretty sure he was probably a fun person to be around. Mister Z'Dar, you were one of a kind, and villain or not--you deserve to be remembered. Credit for the following tribute video goes to Vernon Williams.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Horror Flick of the Week: Vampire Party/Le Dents de la Nuit (2008)

I'm not going to lie. This movie is incredibly silly. It's also quite fun. What could be better than a hodge podge of strangers going to an exclusive late night party on an island out in the middle of nowhere? What if I told you TchĂ©ky Karyo plays an evil vampiric count with the most glorious hair you'll ever see? Still not impressed? How about a magical spell-book that not only binds souls to Hell, but can also conveniently disguise you like a mariachi player or something else equally as ridiculous and fantastical?

Listen, it's just a fun movie. It's great for the Halloween season, and it's dark with enough of a light-hearted twist to leave you with only very mild nightmares at best.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Book of the Week: Vintage Halloween Collectibles – 3rd ed., by Mark B. Ledenbach

I'm not sure if I've told you guys this yet, but I'm going to grad school for Library Science right now. Terribly relevant? Not really. Still, had a major assignment over the summer that required an interview and a tour at a local library. Not going to name the location, because I don't think that'd be fair to them - - but their nonfiction section was lacking. Terribly. Most of it was gardening books, I'm not going to lie. That wasn't the point of my visit anyway, but I just can't resist digging for some good horror-related books when I'm at any store or library. That's how I found this hidden gem near the end of the aisle, sandwiched between a couple of books on furniture shopping. Vintage Halloween Collectibles -- 3rd ed., by Mark B. Ledenbach.

The pictures of old Halloween cards, toys, decorations and the like inside this book are an absolute delight. It's the cutest little collection of eclectic demons and ghosts from yester-year I would gladly fill my apartment with if I had the money to go wild, and I wouldn't be surprised if some of the decor Hobby Lobby has been stocking for the last 2-3 years (looking at you black cats in clown costumes), were heavily inspired by this book. So, for those of you looking to do some creative decorating or who just want to look at some cool pictures, this book is a must-read.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Vintage Comics - Black Magic, Issue #2: The Scorn of the Faceless People, The Cheerful Old Lady in Black (Cover-Pg. 17)

Recall the classic episode of the Twilight Zone wherein a man is haunted by his dreams (okay...maybe there was more than one), and he sought aid from a doctor only for the woman of his dreams/nightmare to pursue him to his death. Then recall the one where the man traveled through time in his dream on a train. This first story seems to open like both, until it turns into a very peculiar bit of dream analysis. Some pretty fun imagery, and I'll admit it took me a bit by surprise. The second story uses one of my favorite tropes--death on a joyride.