Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Vintage Comics: Monster, Issue #1: Traitor's House, The Secret Files of Dr. Drew (Pg. 15 - End )

I've got to admit, the first story featured today from the Monster issue kind of makes me want to do a short film from the perspective of the house. It was a very simple way to pack a lot of story into a couple of pages...and as I mentioned in the last selection from this issue, the artists here really know how to use color to make the pages pop. I also can't help but wonder if Dr. Drew was part of the inspiration behind Kolchak...

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Horror Flick of the Week: All The Colors of the Dark

Also known as 'Tutti I Colori Del Buio' and the title on the Spanish poster, this Spanish-Italian giallo doesn't stand out too terribly from the rest, but it's an experience anyway.

I find most Italian films, mainly the older ones, are far more of an experience than a cohesive and concise story. They're very much about the appearance, the mood, the feel of a movie...rather than the actual plot. I think Fulci and Fellini movies are a perfect example of this, case in point being 'House by the Cemetery', which in itself merits being featured at some point.

All the Colors of the Dark is no different. It is the experience, not the story, which stands out. The main character as I see it is the perfect example of a vulnerable female character depicted in most Giallo, manipulated by the world around her. The main thing that stands out is that she starts off a bit unhinged, and is basically put in the worst situations for any person with a severe mental illness. I imagine the director, Sergio Martino, must have been a big fan of 'Whatever Happened to Baby Jane'...and to illustrate that point, they've even got a Bette Davis lookalike in the trippy opening sequence.

I won't say this is the greatest Giallo film in history, because it really isn't. But it's certainly worth checking out. But as with most American cuts of any classic Italian horror, there are a couple of different versions. I'd advise watching the one with the opening dream sequence. And a warning before you consider watching the trailer, there is a bit of nipple at one point.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Podcast, Episode 10 - After the Party and Halloweentown

Tid bits and pieces of conversations about the after-Halloween stories Julianne and Chris have to share, along with a couple of favorite recipes, a discussion of Halloweentown, and an awful lot of off-topic rambling.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Horror Kickstarter: Squib

As an aspiring filmmaker, I'm always on the lookout for awesome-looking Kickstarter projects related to horror. This week, I stumbled upon a small project with an intriguing plot: independent filmmakers trying to make a low budget slasher film end up 'cutting corners' to get their movie made. But let the director tell you about it.

As you know, the best bit about Kickstarter is that there are usually some pretty awesome gifts offered to anybody contributing to the project. Squib is no exception, and I encourage anybody who has a bit of extra cash and the desire to see independent filmmaking thrive to maybe swing by the kickstarter page for Squib and toss in a couple bucks.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Podcast, Episode 9 - Asian Movies Remade

In this episode, Maddy introduces Jazlaan to the podcast. Together they discuss a few Hollywood remakes of some modern Asian horror films, including 'The Ring, The Grudge, Dark Water, The Eye, and The Uninvited'. They've got good things and bad things to say about these movies, and plenty of chatter in-between.