Monday, January 13, 2014

Vintage Comics - Ghost Comics: The Ghost Gallery 1 & 2 (Cover - Pg. 17)

Unsurprisingly in this comic, there was a running theme of ghosts in the stories. Maybe it had something to do with the title. Again I see a sort of awkward transition from radio stories to print, where the dialogue conveys what people or doing when it doesn't really need to. They also have a very pulp fiction feel to them, which is kind of funny if you think about it. Take your average gangster story, replace the detective with a ghost or snowman, and BOOM. You've got a horror comic. Despite that, there's still much less talking than I've seen on other less polished comics, and I can at least appreciate that they keep things interesting enough to turn the page. THAT, my friends, is the most important detail when it comes to a comic or a book.

Addendum: I also forgot to mention how good the artwork is. Definitely a cut above a lot of them. The lines are crisp, and the colors are superb. Top notch.

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