Sunday, July 27, 2014

Vintage Comics - Adventures Into Darkness, Issue 5: Murder Mansion & Drury's Dream (Pg Cover - PG. 9)

We venture into yet another vintage comic series this week, Adventures Into Darkness. This one was from the end of the 'golden age of comics', and the company who did this little series was mostly known for pulp stories, which...honestly is pretty obvious from page 1. There's something with pulp detective stories, kind of like a common trope, where you always have to have at least one visible garish statue within the first five minutes. This comic managed it within the first five panels. Conveniently enough, the statue also happens to be the monster in the first story too.

I can't help but wonder when they were putting the story together whether the writer was an old man saying to himself 'yes, a monster...and some kind of spooky house. That's what kids like nowadays, right? Daggummit Mortimer Chacahoochie, you done it again!' Because it really does kind of read like a half-lucid summary of a longer ghost story, vaguely remembered by a person who wasn't really fond of it in the first place. I think my favorite aspect of this comic is the eyes, though they're mainly dots...the eyebrows are nicely expressive.

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