Friday, February 27, 2015

Vintage Comics: Midnight, Issue #2: The Needless Night, Fortune or Fate pt. 2, Forever and Ever (Pg. 14 - End )

Sometimes you read a 'horror story', and you realize it's either the first time that writer ever approached the subject, or perhaps they were attaching the word horror just to gain a larger audience. In finishing this issue, I felt there were some sad moments. A bit of death. And an ironic twist. The first story approaches a semi-Faustian deal that ultimately teaches the bad guy a lesson, but there's no real bite or substance. It's like the writer pulled out halfway through and decided he didn't really want a horrific retribution for the devil's bargain. The second story finishing up Fortune or Fate is pretty much the closest to actual horror the whole comic came to. The last story...well, at least I was taken by surprise. I expected one character to be evil, and he ended up just having a bit of bad luck...

Midnight. Reminding us all that the people responsible for getting horror comics banned back in the mid-20th century...probably hadn't read nearly enough comics.

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