Friday, June 7, 2013

A Short Video: D-Day/Anatadaephobia

Time for a little bit of shameless self-promoting today. I love filming, and this past semester I managed to film a short 'horror story', about a man with an intense fear of being watched by ducks due to a traumatic experience as a man-child.

I wrote and co-directed this piece, and hope to occasionally post other 'horror' themed works of my own in the future.

Edit: I remembered something kind of funny about when we filmed this, and I figured I'd go ahead and let you guys know. The graveyard we went to was pretty big, and we actually had to climb in through a broken area of the fence. Here's the kicker...the grave we found near the back was from the late 1800s, and on the actual tombstone, there was a brand new pocket knife. I guess it was a sort of tribute to an ancestor, or something along those lines. The relevancy to our video gave everyone in the group a bit of a creepy feeling. was really windy, like...ridiculously windy. When you film in wind, make sure you have amazing audio equipment. I'm serious.

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