Friday, June 7, 2013

Spooky Board Games: One Day at Horrorland

So, you know those games you used to see on tv as a kid, and thought to yourself: wow, that looks fun! The kind that have all the spinning bits, the cool colors, and the fun traps? The games you play when you first unwrap them, or go to a friend's house, and then realize each time you play that there's one more piece missing? This is one of those games. I don't remember too terribly much about this one, except for a few details:

- Incredibly simple instructions
- Incredibly annoying set-up and clean-up
- Really cool-looking
- And I actually spent more time making up stories using it as a 'playground' for other dolls, than as an actual board game.

There is something incredibly trippy about the black and shades of dark green, though, which somehow manages to make me think...even as an adult...that this guy is going to pop up at any moment to take me to the real 'horrorland'...

My whole point here is that it's not a game for kids who can't pick up after themselves, and you're going to want to make sure you have extra baggies at the end of the night to pack it up, but the game looks great, and I even saw it at Walmart for about 20 bucks, so there's no danger of it popping up at an incredibly high price on Amazon any time soon. I think it's pretty much worth that amount, before the pieces go missing. Afterwards, the game parts themselves make pretty nifty shelf decorations.

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