Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Horror Flick of the Week - Sundown: Vampire in Retreat

Sundown: Vampire in Retreat. With a title like that you'd expect an epic tour de force of vampire action. Well, this isn't Dusk Till Dawn, so don't hold your breath. But with David Carradine, and Bruce Campbell, any intelligent person knows what they're walking into. Delicious camp. It's also directed by someone a little familiar, if you've seen Waxwork I and II. I had no idea he was actually one of the bit parts in those movies either, until I saw his picture this afternoon...but back to Sundown.

It's a fun popcorn movie, the kind you can pretty much talk through and not miss much. Plus, come on...David Carradine is Dracula (...I mean Mardulak) and Bruce Campbell is Van Helsing!

Just for some reference, here's one of the covers. It's got that great art style you only get with 80s and 90s VHS tapes. As you can clearly see, this is a western-style story. Not really in the wild west, because it's the modern era, but...I don't know. The bad guys dress up like cowboys in the end, so there's that.

It starts with a little girl having nightmares about vampires. Her father gets a job at a research facility in a new town, and it's soon evident to the viewers that the town is full of vampires. Actually, that was pretty clear in the beginning when one of them literally knocked a guy's block off. Unfortunately for the family, a person from their past is one of the members of the vampire community. He's not a nice guy.

It's hard to tell much more without giving everything away, because that's pretty much it. The story is a cut-and-dry horror comedy, good for a Friday night with friends. Best of all, it doesn't suck.

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