Sunday, October 16, 2016

More Superstitions, Bad Omens, and Old Wives Tales for Halloween

Halfway through the spook month already, and my how time flies. Let's get a bit more into the spirit with some superstitious safety tips to keep you safe from ghosts, umbrellas, witches, vampires, and moths.

C'mon, bra! Let me in...

Close a dead man or woman's eyes immediately, or they'll find someone to take with them.

Keep moths out of the house if it looks like they want in, and keep them in if they want out...they're looking for a soul to steal.

- Never take a photo with only 3 people, and if you do...make sure you're not the one in the middle, because you may di-...uh-oh...

- Poirot probably would have known this little tidbit, but keep an eye on all umbrellas in the house. If one of them falls, there very well may be a murder!

Don't let those innocent smiles fool you. Nose eaters, every last one of them!

- Ancient Romans believed witches and vampires liked to come into dead people's homes to do funny things with their bodies (like robbing, mutilating, and especially nose-eating.)

- A rooster crowing during the day, and not the appointed 'too early for any normal human being to wake up' time, is a sign of terrible luck. Maybe even approaching death.

- Numbers really piss ghosts off. Walk around one of them 9 times to get rid of the jerks.

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