Saturday, October 1, 2016

Netflix/Hulu Instant Horror Watch 2016

It's that time of year again. The Fog rolls in on your dvd shelf, eery Carpenter tunes playing as it awaits Halloween, while the echoes of 'Trick 'R Treat' can almost be heard outside your front door, and The Thing becomes Ravenous for Popcorn...yet, at the same time you wonder why these film references I just made seem to be disproportionately John Carpenter titles and a few other random titles thrown in. It's like this game is Child's Play, a veritable Witches of Eastwick...

Okay, that last one didn't make sense at all, even as a play on words. Anyway, this October I decided to not only post the instant watch list on time (for once), but mix it with some Hulu for variety. Alas and alack, it's mainly because Netflix really didn't roll out with much for horror this October...and the proportion of films I actually wanted to watch that I hadn't seen...well, this just seemed to be a little bit less painful. So, without further ado, the list begins...

1st. - The Rite
5th. Dead Set (this one is actually a show, but it's 5 episodes, boiling it down to the length of one film. Plus, it's awesome.)
6th. The Lodge
10th. Cujo
13th. Stung
14th. Offpsring
15th. Curve
17th. The Damned
18th. Beneath (2007)
19th. The Veil
20th. Occupant
21st. Final Girl
22nd. Stranded
29th. The Host
30th. The Fury
31st. Jaws