Thursday, July 18, 2013

Creepy Short Cartoons: Stop Motion

Film itself is an incredibly time-consuming, and most often worthwhile art-form. Animation is definitely one of the more difficult types of film, because you're not just looking at actual people and telling them 'look there, say this' several times, you're basically taking one picture and then slightly modifying it to an almost microscopic degree, and doing this several hundred times...just to have a character turn their head and move an arm, or walk down a hallway. The following are a few selections of personal favorites, and I hope you like them too.

As one person pointed out, it's really difficult to adapt Lovecraft to film, and still capture the feel. I definitely think this one almost got it.

I want to say this short motivated me to become vegetarian, but we all know that's a dirty, dirty lie.

If this one was particularly enthralling for you, (you sick monkey) then I'd suggest browsing the rest of this odd series on youtube.

I think if I snapped one day, this would pretty much be what everything might look like. This is yet another video hosted by the artist who made it.

Another video hosted by the artist, I'd definitely suggest checking out their channel. I found this particular short oddly charming, in it's own twisted way.

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