Sunday, August 16, 2015

Vintage Comics - Adventures Into Darkness, Issue 6: The Groping Ghost (Pg Cover - PG. 9)

Yes, my friends, once more I bring you some vintage comics. Last year you'll probably remember when I posted Issue 5 of 'Adventures into Darkness', and I figured it was time to move on to issue 6. I'd also like to take the time before delving into the beginning of this issue to mention a website dedicated to hosting public domain vintage comics, focusing on many different varieties of genres. Please take some time to swing by if you get the chance, and lend your support if you can to help with hosting fees. A lot of amazing comics will eventually be lost to wear and tear, and preserving them online is our best bet to ensure people can enjoy them for generations to come.

You know, I think film scripts and comics have a lot in common. The best ones 'show' and don't 'tell'. Sometimes these old comics, and especially of the AiD variety...seem to forget that. Still, just look at that beautiful cover. A man trapped into a fleshless marriage at the local graveyard? Don't mind if I do! The art in this issue seems even more cartoony at times than Issue 5, which I love. The first issue is your typical vengeful ghost story, rather like the story of the birdwoman in another comic I featured. I hope you enjoy.

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