Saturday, October 18, 2014

Book(s) of the Week: “The Screwtape Letters”

For those of you familiar with the 'Chronicles of Narnia', but nothing else of C.S. are missing out. This particular work is of a much darker fare than a Jesus Allegory. Quite an interesting little read you can probably get through in less than a day if you're in a reading mood, this book is...something that has stuck with me for many years.

It's the story (or really the letters) written by an older demon to his nephew advising him how best to corrupt a man and lead the soul to hell. Not to reveal the end, but it's quite an interesting little perspective on the concept of demons and human damnation. A little dark, but not so heavy-handed that it would give one nightmares. A good read or perhaps...initiation into the world of horror or epistolary works.

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