Sunday, October 1, 2017

Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Horror Streaming List 2017

Do you hear that? The eery, echoing sound at your front door. No, not the Christmas music! The other sound! The cries of the damned as they scratch at the freshly-painted wood, begging for an invitation. You're lucky, though, there's 31 days until you absolutely have to roll out the rotten red carpet for those ghoulies and beasties, and until then your porch is still reserved for the realm of the living.

While we wait, why don't we grab some popcorn together, switch on the tv, and check out what Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon have to offer for the season?

Note: Some Amazon instant watch options on this list come through the Shudder subscription add-on, which really is worth the extra 5 dollars a month. Some of these movies have been featured on past lists, and some may be too horrible to sit through. That's what wine is for, my friends. Wine and unsuspecting friends.

1st. - The Dead Zone
2nd. - Road Games
6th. Jawbreaker
7th. The Void
8th. Last Shift
10th. XX
12th. The Shining
15th. The Roost
16th. Patchwork
19th. Clown
21st. Tag
22nd. WTF!
25th. The Club
30th. Dying Breed

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