Saturday, October 17, 2020

Horror Flick of the Week: "Snow White: A Tale of Terror"


Where to even begin with this one? Yes, this is the second time I'm recommending a Snow White adaptation. However, while the 1987 edition highlighted a strangely dark attempt at a children's story with the ethereally beautiful Sarah Patterson, these two films are night and day. In this version, not only do you sympathize with the witch before she becomes truly evil, but Sigourney Weaver truly steals the show. To be honest, it's a pretty stellar cast all around, but the sickening moments in particular watching this woman's descent into madness are absolutely chilling.

When I saw Snow White and the Huntsman in theatres, I couldn't help but compare it to this film. No matter how hard they tried to give their own witch an understandable back story so there might be a grain of sympathy for the audience, they failed spectacularly. A Tale of Terror does not. In fact, if you love this fairy tale at all, you'd be doing your self a disservice not to watch it immediately. Perhaps with a slice of apple pie on a cold night. Just don't humiliate Sigourney Weaver at a dance and you should be fine.

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