Sunday, October 18, 2015

Book of the Week - Body Snatchers: Doctors, Graverobbers and the Law

Back as a sophomore in college, I'd been given an assignment in an English class. Write a research paper on ANY topic you want. A 20-page research paper. I was beyond excited to explore the world of cannibalism or body-snatching. I ended up not being able to find enough sources for the body-snatching topic, so I ended up with cannibalism...which in hindsight wasn't such a great idea, because as it turned out...he'd said 2 pages...not 20. So when I turned in my assignment, I think he was a little more than disturbed. This book was one of the sources I explored when I'd thought of grave robbing, and it was so good...I didn't just stop with a few passages. I read cover to cover in 2 days.

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