Friday, October 2, 2015

Netflix Instant Horror Watch 2015

A day late and a dollar short once more! Here I bring you my official 'what to watch on Netflix horror' list for 31 straight days. Follow along with me as I re-watch some favorites and discover new ones which I may or may not like. It's the challenge I take on every year, and I haven't backed down yet...though sometimes I've desperately wanted to. Desperately.

October 1st - The Monster Squad
October 2nd - Wicked Little Things
October 3rd - Archivo 253
October 4th - Maniac
October 5th - The Vampire's Coffin
October 6th - Bad Milo
October 7th - Axed
October 8th - The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears
October 9th - Aberration
October 10th - House of Whipcord
October 11th - Darklight
October 12th - The Babadook
October 13th - Housebound
October 14th - Pet Sematary Two
October 15th - Black Sabbath
October 16th - Jug Face
October 17th - Witching & Bitching
October 18th - Kill Baby Kill
October 19th - Scourge
October 20th - Don't Blink
October 21st - Hold Your Breath
October 22nd - Comforting Skin
October 23rd - Deathwatch
October 24th - Leprechaun
October 25th - Leprechaun 2
October 26th - Leprechaun 3 (bonus points if you also watch 4 and the others)
October 27th - Pontypool
October 28th - Sleepaway Camp 2
October 29th - Office Killer
October 30th -Invisible Invaders
October 31st - Wes Craven's New Nightmare

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