Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Seancey Seances

There's something about the idea of a group of people joining together to make a misguided attempt to speak with the other side. Sometimes they do it with pencils. Sometimes they do it with tables. Sometimes even board games or bowls of water. It all goes back to blindly exploring the unknown, which MIGHT be pleasant, but more likely sinister. At least...from the perspective of a horror lover. Frankly, I think we could do with more movies focused on these sorts of people, because I've enjoyed many of the ones I've seen.

So for those of you who believe a picture tells a thousand words, I bring you some of my favorite illustrations and photographs of old seances. Enjoy! Be aware, though, that if someone starts knocking on your desk...you probably shouldn't answer it. And yes, that one is Harry Houdini.

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